Edward Monigan IV is the Mass Effect team photographer. 

Eddie is currently a senior at La Salle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island, and plans to attend Bentley University following his graduation. He is an avid photographer and sports fanatic. Eddie has done photography work for his school’s football and hockey teams, as well as with the Massachusetts Pirates of the National Arena League. He is also a freelance landscape and nature photographer. 

You can find Eddie’s personal work on his website, https://moniganphotography.com/ and on his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/monigan_photography. Mass Effect photos that Eddie takes will be uploaded to our social media accounts and on our website at https://masseffectfootball.com/photo-gallery/.

Eddie says: “I believe photos should not just be of the action in the game, it should tell the hidden story of the game that words and statistics cannot. And I can’t wait to work with the Mass Effect because of the energy and work ethic that everyone brings to the team.”

Be sure to check out all of Eddie’s awesome photos!

Contact: emonigan20@lasalle-academy.org